Agron 1.1 mcq full pdf final agriculture university

Agron 1.1 mcq full pdf final agriculture university




Agron 1.1 mcq full pdf final agriculture university


Dr. D. R. Kanzaria, Associate Professor, CoH, JAU, Junagadh Hort. 1.1 Fundamentals of Horticulture

Hort. 1.1: Fundamentals of Horticulture

Credit hours: 2 (1+1)


Sr. Name of topic Page No.

1 Horticulture, its definition and branches, Importance and scope 03

2 Classification of horticultural crops 06

3 Climate and soil for horticultural crops 11

4 Plant propagation methods of horticultural crops 16

5 Propagation structures 23

6 Planning of orchard 28

7 Pruning and training 38

8 Bahar treatments/crop regulation in fruit crops 40

9 Juvenility and flower bud differentiation 41

10 Home or Kitchen gardening 44

11 Lawn and lawn establishment 47

12 Plant growth regulators in horticultural crops or hormone in



13 Methods of irrigation in fruit orchards 52

14 Fertilizers application and quantity 55

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