Drug Delivery System(MAT102T) GTU SEM – 1 IMP QUESTIONS

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Based on the analysis of the GTU 2018- 23 Year exam papers, the top 20 most frequently appearing questions are as follows:
1. Differentiate between sustained, controlled and modified drug release giving suitable example,,,
2. Discuss the suitable excipients for osmotic drug delivery system. Which API’s can be formulated by this approach? Why?
3. Discuss feedback regulated drug delivery with examples
4. What is 3D printing? Explain 3D printing for pharmaceuticals. What is the scope of 3D printing in pharmaceutical science?
5. Enlist the importance of protein and peptides in Pharmaceuticals. Discuss in vitro and in vivo problems associated with such delivery system
6. Enlist physico-chemical approaches for controlled release formulation and discuss any one in detail,
7. Enlist advantages and disadvantages of bioelectronic medicines in pharmaceuticals,
8. Discuss concept of osmotic activated drug delivery system giving suitable examples
9. Enlist advantages and disadvantages of pH activated drug delivery system,
10. What is customized drug delivery? Which are the parameters to be considered for personalized medication ?
11. What is telepharmacy ? Discuss its advantages and drawbacks, Discuss bioelectronic medicines and Telepharmacy in detail.
12. Rationale for developing colon targeted drug delivery system. Explain pH dependent system
13. Write a note on pulsatile drug delivery systems
14. Discuss different depot types of controlled release formulations
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15. Explain customized drug delivery. Describe factors to be considered for developing personalized medication, Write a note on personalized medicine
16. Discuss physicochemical & biological approaches for sustained release formulations
17. Classify polymers. Discuss biodegradable polymers in detail
18. Discuss mechanism of drug delivery from sustained and controlled release formulations
19. Explain pH activated and enzyme activated drug delivery systems and Describe recent innovations in GRDDS.
20. Explain the principle of mucoadhesive drug delivery system, its advantages and disadvantages

These questions have appeared frequently across the GTU 2018- 23 Year exam papers, indicating their importance and likelihood of being included in future exams.
Note: –
• 1 to 15 Most IMP
• 16 to 20 Extra for Toppers