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“Combing” is part of our basic day to day hair maintenance routine, but proper combing technique
is critical when it comes to hair health. In this blog we will provide you this convenient guide
on “how to comb your hair”.

Here we’re also covering the essential tips and tricks on how to maintain a healthy hair. We will
begin by explaining different types of “comb and brush”, after that we will discuss about the
guide to protect damaged hair and how many times you should shampoo in a week without
damaging your hair.

Our Hair is usually thick and strong but sometimes it can be very delicate as well. Most of the times
when you will try “combing” it will become a challenge to achieve the desired hairstyle.
Don’t let your hair dictate your lifestyle and learn the best way of combing hair while keeping it
strong and healthy. We often choose those styles that are not easy to manage and require
good “combing” skills.

“Comb and brush” are available in many different shapes, types, sizes and material like wood or
plastic. They are great for your hair, as they detangle it without pulling out excessive hair and they
work perfectly when it comes to precision styling. A comb gives your hair a straight direction and
flow. “Hair Brush” are mainly used to untangle hair and to give a straight look to them, especially
when the hairstyle is voluminous.

“Combing” gives hair a flow and set them for the day ahead. “Best comb for hair” come in
various shapes, sizes, designs and you got to understand what suits you the best among those. Hair
combing helps in circulating the essential oils that keeps your head moisturized.
Although hair combing is basic day to day task, it is a critical factor for hair growth, scalp and
good hair health. “Combing” your hair provides the numerous benefits to your hair and scalp and
few of them are mentioned below:
1. “Combing” your hair can effectively remove any loose strands or other particles that can get
stuck in your hair.
2. Hair comb stimulates your scalp that also helps in promoting hair growth.
3. Apart from combing your hair, you must also start brushing it regularly so that once you’re
able to do that on daily basis, your hair will be much cleaner and you will always be ready to
style your hair for the day.
4. Always remember that you cannot completely rely on your visits to the hair salon to be the
only contributor to your hair health. You can always take care of your hair at home and over
time you can easily achieve a healthy scalp naturally.

Use a “wide tooth comb” for long hair.
Your way of “combing hair” can make a huge difference. Let’s say a regular comb has teeth that
are thin and confined together but can easily separate tiny groups and individual hair apart from
each other and for straight hair that is dry and short a regular comb is perfect. But what if hair that
is long and tangled? A wide tooth comb is perfect for that type of hair as it has teeth that are both
wider and thicker giving it more space between each tooth. Using a wide tooth comb which can
easily detangle your hair since the teeth combs the hair lightly and effectively by minimizing hair
breakage from the scalp, keeping the hair volume intact.


Most of the times we are in a rush, and soon as we come out of the shower, we usually rustle up
our wet hair in a towel. What it does is that it speeds up the process and feels nice on the scalp, but
it’s not the best for your hair because it creates tangles and causes breakage from the scalp. So the
best way is to let the hair dry naturally for five to ten minutes then gently comb it with a good
quality hair comb that suits your style.

The drawback of frequent shampoo is that it takes away natural oils from your scalp and makes it
dry and rough. Washing it less frequently will have a good impact that will result in shinier look.
Shampoo should be applied not more than two to three times a week. The alternate shampoo can
be the conditioner. The main benefit to this method is that it can save time and extra effort. After
this method “combing” can be done with a suitable hair comb that is fit for your hair. Always
use “hair comb” that run smoothly in between the hair.

The way you use comb for your damaged hair makes quite a difference on your hair.
Always detangle your hair with a tangle eraser brush before and after shampooing and use a
wide-tooth comb rather, when it’s wet, so that the damage on your hair can be reduced to a certain
Gently and slowly comb out tangles by starting at the bottom of your hair and gradually working
up to the top end of the hair without doing lot of pull or tug. Once you dry the damaged hair after
shower, combing should be done very carefully.
Shampoo combs and dressing combs are proven best for distributing your hair’s natural oils to
the scalp. They will help in leaving the hair much smoother and shinier causing minimum of tearing
or breakage.




Styling tools like flat irons, hot rollers and curling irons can damage your hair to an extent of
beyond repair. If you are willing to straighten or curl your hair always consider a gentler method
that won’t damage your hair. It is necessary to minimise usage of such tools to make sure
that combing is effective on your hair. Hair combs are available in wide varieties and it’s up to
you to choose the most appropriate comb for your hair as it matters the most.
So these were some of the useful tips that we felt important for our audience and hope it will benefit
them in future. When you’ll be regularly following these tips, your hair will look and feel much

Not only that but it’ll be much smoother and shiner with a healthy bounce.

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