Medicinal Chemistry: – 1 IMP Questions B.pharm Sem:- 4

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Medicinal Chemistry: – 1 IMP Questions
1). Write all possible routes for the metabolism of norepinephrine.
2). Give SAR of Benzodiazepines, Morphine analogues, Barbiturates, parasympathomimetic agents, blockers, pheylethanolaimines, muscarinc antagonist.
3). Define: Chelation, Bioisosterism, Partition coefficient, Ionization, Optical isomerism, Hydrogen bonding, opioids, Insomnia, neuroleptics.
4). Explain in details: Factor affecting drug metabolism including stereo chemical aspects
5). Write a note on indirectly acting sympathomimetics.
6). Write the synthesis of salbutamol and propranolol.
7). Classify anticonvulsants with its mechanism and SAR.
8). What are NSAIDs? Classify them with two examples of each class. Write synthesis of one NSAID having one chiral center.
9). Write a note on Narcotic antagonists with its mechanism.
10). Define Xenobiotics. Give importance of CYP-450 in drug metabolism.
11). Explain stages of (General anesthetics) anesthesia with classification of Inhalation anesthetics.
12). Classify the antiepileptics with one drug’s structure from each class.
13). Classify the Sympathomimetics / parasympathomimetics with two drugs’ structures from each class.
14). Give synthesis (1) Neostigmine (2) Dicyclomine (3) Phenytoin (4) Carbamazepine (5) salbutamol (6) Halothane (7) Dicyclomine HCl (8) Methohexital sodium (9) Methadone HCl (10) Ibuprofen
15). Explain: Biosynthesis and catabolism of catecholamine.
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16). Enlist different pathways of drug metabolism. Describe any two conjugation reaction in drug metabolism giving specific examples.
17). Give the structures and use of following drugs:
1) Scopolamine Hydrobromide
2) Oxazepam
3) Paraldehyde
4) Secobarbital
5) Pentazocine
6) Chlorprothixene
7) Glutethmide
8) Clonazepam
9) Carvedilol
10) Valproic acid
11) Alprazolam
12) Diclofenac
18). Write a note on Fluro buterophenones with its mechanism.
19). Classify sedative and hypnotics
20). short Note on Anti-inflammatory agents.
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