Pharmaceutical Biotechnology (BP505TT) IMP QUESTIONS B-PHARMACY 5th SEMESTER

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Pharmaceutical Biotechnology (BP505TT)

1). Enumerate methods of immobilization and explain entrapment in brief.
2). Write a note on Production of Hepatitis B / BCG vaccine.
3). Explain Production of Vitamin B 12 / penicillin (bacterial) with flow chart.
4). Give Ideal Properties of Plasma Substituent. Write a note on Dextran.
5). Enlist Blood Products. Write a note on collections, Processing and storage of
Whole Human Blood.
6). Define Mutation. Give types of Mutation.
7). Draw neat and clean diagram of Ideal Fermenter. Explain various controls of it.
8). Differentiate Active immunity and Passive immunity
9). Explain Immunoglobulin and write its function.
10). Write a note on Polymerase Chain Reactions (PCR)
11). Give structure and functions of Major Histocompatibility Complex (MHC).
12). Define Biosensors. Give Working and Applications of Biosensors in field of
13). Write application of hybridoma technology.
14). Explain role of Cloning Vectors, Restriction endonucleases enzymes and DNA
ligases enzymes in genetic engineering.
15). Explain working of ELISA or western blotting.
16). Write in short on any one
1. Cloning vectors
2. Restriction endonucleases
3. DNA ligase
4. Penicillinase Page 1

5. Hybridome technology
6. Proteases
17). Explain uses of microbes in biotech and pharma industries. What are plasmids
and transposones.
18). What in protein engineering. Write on examples of proteins engineered using in
silico approaches.
19). Show microbial production of amylase in the form of a flow chart.
20). Classify immunoglobulins draw their basic structure showing differences. Give
general functions and properties of immunoglobulins


Note: –
• 1 to 15 Most IMP
• 15 to 20 Extra for Toppers Page 2