How The iPhone 14 Is Failing Already

Issues like battery life and face scanning have come up as complaints from iPhone 14 users.

They are reporting low battery life even after charging for a long time.

Face scanning is also facing some issues like it fails to work in low light conditions.

The iPhone 14 has been met with a lukewarm response from buyers so far.

Some users have reported issues like the phone getting hot quickly, poor battery life, and a lack of stability.

It is also said that the phone's Face ID works unpredictably and causes problems like unlocking with a wrong face.

 Some users have reported that their iPhone 14 has a tendency to randomly shut down.

There have also been reports of the phone getting extremely hot, even to the point where it catches on fire.

Some have even reported that their front glass and LCD screens have shattered.

All of these issues point to a commonality - the iPhone 14 is not stable at all.