Why The Tesla Roadster Is Already Out Of Date

It doesn't have the latest features like the self-driving or the semi-trucks.

- The batteries are also not as powerful as those in the newer models.

- It also doesn't come with a lot of safety features like an airbag.

- All in all, it's time to move on to newer and better things!

- Tesla discontinued the production of the Roadster in 2018.

- The Model S, Model X, and Model 3 are Tesla's current lineup of vehicles.

- The Tesla Roadster is a very expensive car and doesn't compare to other options like the Model S, Model X, and Model 3.

- The successor to the Tesla Roadster is the Tesla Model S.

- The Model S has a much better performance, is longer lasting, and comes in more colors.

- Therefore, if you are looking for a high-performance electric car, the Tesla Model S would be a better option.

- The Tesla Roadster was released back in 2008 and has been superseded by newer and better models.

- It doesn't have all the features that are available in newer models like autopilot, air suspension, and a better battery.

- It also doesn't have a built-in display or a sound system.

- Technology has progressed a lot since then and there are now more advanced and versatile cars available on the market.

- The Tesla Roadster is not as practical or comfortable as some of the newer models on the market.

- It also costs a lot more to maintain than some of the newer cars.