12th chemistry notes

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We understand that the Higher Secondary Examination is very crucial in a student’s career. As in the past, this Navneet Digest will help you to triumph. Each chapter of the Digest begins with important Terms, Units, Laws, Formulae, Properties, Reactions, etc. for instant revision. This book includes all the questions given in the Board’s Textbook as well as important questions from NCERT book and also many additional questions with their model answers so as to cover every concepts given in the Textbook. Besides these, all the other questions or informations given in various boxes in the textbook such as ‘Can you tell?’, ‘Do you know?’, ‘Use your brain power’, ‘Observe and discuss’, etc. are also included. Ample number of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) have been given to enable the students to prepare for any type of competitive examination, such as NEET, JEE MAIN, MHT-CET, etc. Neat, accurate and easily reproducible diagrams are given in each chapter. In short, this Chemistry Digest contains a lucid and clear explanation of the subject matter in simple language.