Apple disease management plant pathology agriculture

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  2. III. Pre-Test
  3. Select the best answer that corresponds to your choice.
  4. 1. This tries to prevent the entry of the pathogen in coming into the area
  5. where it is currently unknown.
  6. a. Eradication b. Protection c. Exclusion
  7. 2. This is intended to eliminate the pathogens that are already established in
  8. the area.
  9. a. Eradication b. Protection c. Exclusion
  10. 3. The prevention of infection by putting a chemical barrier between the
  11. pathogen and the suscept.
  12. a. Eradication b. Protection c. Exclusion
  13. 4. Modifying certain physiological and morphological features of the host in
  14. not to be easily infected.
  15. a. eradication b. immunization c. exclusion
  16. 5. The ability of the plant to overcome the effects of the pathogen.
  17. a. tolerance b. resistance c. escape
  18. 6. The ability of the suscept to undergo severe infection without a serious
  19. reduction of yield.
  20. a. tolerance b. resistance c. escape
  21. 7. A susceptible plant does not become infected due to some circumstances.
  22. a. tolerance b)resistance c)escape
  23. 8. The use predators and parasite to control disease.
  24. a. chemical control b. biological c. physical
  25. 9. Protection of plant by mild virus strain against infection.
  26. a. Bacteriophage b. cross protection c. interference
  27. 10.The use of pesticides is a —control.
  28. a. chemical b. biological c. physicalΒΈ