Biochemistry (Satyanarayana)

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■Biomolecules and the Cell 
■ Carbohydrates 
■ Lipids 
■ Proteins and Amino acids 
■ Nucleic acids and Nucleotides 
■ Enzymes 
■ Vitamins 

Triacylgylcerol/fatty acid cycle l ω-fatty acid

l Metabolic syndrome l Soluble and insoluble fiber

l Glucose toxicity l Trans fatty acids

l Estimated average glucose l Nutrigenomics

l Peptide nucleic acids l Detailed information on antivitamins

l Pseudogenes l Dental caries

l Recombinant ribozymes l Amino acids as neurotransmitters

l Epigenetic regulation of gene expression l Disorders of membrane transport

l Metagenomics l Diagnostic importance of various body fluids and tissues

l Therapeutic diets l Enzyme patterns in diseases

l Atkins diet l Cystatin C

l Dietary antioxidants l Pleural fluid

l High fructose corn syrups l High sensitive CRP