Cumin disease management

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C• It is one of the important cash crops of Gujarat and
Rajasthan. In Gujarat, its cultivation is mainly confined to
North Gujarat and Saurashtra regions. Mehasana, Patan,
Banaskantha, Sabarkantha, Surendranagar, Ahmedabad and
Rajkot are important cumin growing districts of Gujarat.
While, major cumin growing areas in Rajasthan are Jalore,
Barmer, Nagaur, Jodhopur, Pali, Ajmer and Tonk districts.
• The climatic conditions of Gujarat and Rajasthan are more
favourable for cumin cultivation, these two states
contributes more than 80% in National area and
• Alternaria blight caused by Alternaria burnsii (Uppal, Patel
& Kamat) is most devastating disease in major cumin
growing areas in Gujarat and Rajasthan. The volatile oil i.e.
cuminol content of seeds is reduced due to the disease.