Measures of dispersion

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Measures of dispersion are statistical measures that describe how spread out or dispersed a set of data is. These measures are used to quantify variability and diversity within a data set.


There are several measures of dispersion, including:


1. Range: The difference between the highest and lowest values in a data set.


2. Variance: The measure of how far each value in the data set is from the mean value.


3. Standard Deviation: The measure of how spread out the data is from the mean value.


4. Mean Absolute Deviation: The average of the absolute differences between each value in a data set and the mean value.


5. Interquartile Range: The range between the 25th and 75th percentiles of a data set.


6. Coefficient of Variation: The ratio of the standard deviation to the mean, expressed as a percentage.


These measures of dispersion are important because they help to provide a more complete picture of the data than just looking at the mean value alone. They allow us to understand how much the data varies and how widely it is distributed around the mean value.

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