Modulated drug delivery systems hand written Notes

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Modulated drug delivery systems are a type of drug delivery system that delivers the necessary amount of drugs on demand, in accordance with biological needs, and stops until required again at a later time ². These systems are also known as self-regulated drug delivery systems, signal-responsive, signal-receptive, signal-sensitive, signal-triggered, or on-demand drug-delivery systems ²³.

In modulated drug delivery systems, drug release is controlled by physical, chemical, or biochemical processes or facilitated by the energy supplied externally ³. The kinetics of release can be modulated by controlling the applying processes or the amount of external energy ⁵.

Activation modulated drug delivery systems are a subclassification of modulated drug delivery systems that deliver the drug at a predetermined rate, locally or systematically, for a prolonged period of time ¹. These systems are activated by different physical, chemical, or biochemical processes or by the energy supplied externally ¹.

There are several types of activation modulated drug delivery systems, including magnetically, osmotically, enzymatically, and activation of vapor pressure, nanoparticles, etc. ¹. These systems are designed to release the drug in response to specific stimuli, such as changes in pH, temperature, light, or magnetic fields ¹.

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