Organic Chemistry: – 3 IMP Questions B.pharm

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Organic Chemistry: – 3 IMP Questions
1). Give methods of determination of configuration of geometrical isomers.
2). Differentiate stereoselective and stereospecific reactions.
3). Differentiate enantiomers and diastereomers, discuss mesomers.
4). Explain preparation and reactions of Pyridine.
5). Give synthesis and medicinal uses of Pyrimidine.
6). Explain Clemmensen reduction with mechanism.
7). Discuss stability of various conformations of n-butane.
8). Explain in brief with suitable example – Stereospecific and Stereoselective reactions.
9). Explain Hantzsch Synthesis in detail with structural mechanism
10). Explain beckmanns rearrangement and Schmidt rearrangement.
11). Give the Preparation, Properties and Chemical reaction of Pyrrole.
12). Explain nomenclature of optical isomers.
13). Explain stereoisomerism in biphenyl compounds.
14). Give any three preparation of i) Indole ii) Quinoline
15). Give brief note on Claisen-Schmidt Condensation and Wolff Kishner Reduction.
16). Give Brief note with mechanism on
a) Dakin Reaction b) Schmidt rearrangement
17). Discuss stability of various conformations of cyclohexane.
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18). Write a short note on the following.
i) Skraup Quinoline synthesis
ii) Knorr pyrrole synthesis
19). Give the structure of:
(1) Indole (2) Pyridine (3) Isoquinoline (4) imidazole (5) pyrazole (6) oxazole (7) thiazole (8) pyrrole (9) azepines (10) acridine (11) quinoline (12) isoquinoline (13) Thiophene
20). What is racemic reaction enlist different method of resolution of racemic modification and explain in detail.
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