Penicillins pharmacology notes

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  1. Penicillin is a class of antibiotic medications. Penicillins treat bacterial infections like strep throat, ear infections and urinary tract infections. They work by attaching to and damaging the cell walls of bacteria. Types of penicillin include penicillin V, penicillin G, amoxicillin and ampicillin. Two of the major differences between the types of penicillin are the way they’re made and what kind of bacteria they’re effective against. Types of penicillin include:
  • Natural penicillins. Natural penicillins are found in the world around us (they aren’t made by people). Scientists isolate (purify) just the penicillin from where it’s found to make it into medications.
  • Semi-synthetic penicillins. Scientists alter penicillin’s natural form to make more effective antibiotics. These are called semi-synthetic penicillins. They include penicillinase-resistant penicillins, aminopenicillins and extended-spectrum penicillins.