The Drugs and Magic Remedies (Objectionable Advertisement) Act 1954 PDF / PPT

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Session -2
The Drugs and Magic Remedies
(Objectionable Advertisement) Act

• Study of salient features of drugs and magic remedies act and
rules, Schedule J.
• Classes of prohibited and exempted advertisements. Offences
and penalties. 2
Intended Learning Outcomes

At the end of this lecture, the student will be able to:

•Explain the objectives of the act

•List the diseases that cannot be cured

•Explain prohibited and exempted advertisements 3
Exempted advertisements

•Sign boards or notices, displayed by the RMP on their
premises indicating that treatment is undertaken for the
diseases or disorders, advertisements relating to which are
otherwise prohibited 4
Exempted advertisements

•Book or treatises related to
diseases, ailments- provided
they are published from
bonafide scientific or social
standpoint 5
Exempted advertisements
•Advertisements relating to drugs which are sent
confidentially, in the prescribed manner, to RMP ( with the
label “ For the use of Registered Medical Practitioners”) 6
Exempted advertisements

•Advertisements relating to drugs printed or published by the
govt. or by any other person, with the prior permission of
govt. 7
Exempted advertisements

•Advertisement, labels or sets of instructions which are
permitted under the D& C act 8

•Imprisonment which may extend upto 6 months or a fine or
both on first conviction
•Imprisonment upto one year or a fine or both on any
subsequent conviction 9
The people at Andhashraddha Nirmoolan Samiti (ANS) have

published some illustrations to further awareness on the

recently passed Maharashtra Prevention and Eradication of

Human Sacrifice and other Inhuman Evil and Aghori Practices

and Black Magic Act, 10

• The Drugs and magic remedies act came into force in 1955
• The objective is to prohibit certain kinds of advertisements
relating to drugs and magic remedies which make false claims
and are likely to mislead the public
• Prohibited advertisements: classes of advertisements that are
•Exempted advertisements: not prohibited provided they
follow certain conditions