Equipment used in coating process hand written notes pdf

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There are various types of equipment used in the cooling process depending on the cooling application, cooling capacity, load requirements, and space availability. Here are some common equipment used in cooling processes.

1. Air Conditioners: Air conditioners are the most commonly used cooling equipment in homes, offices, and other small-scale applications. These devices work by blowing cool air into a room using refrigerant and an evaporator coil.

2. Chiller Systems: Chiller systems are used in large-scale applications such as commercial buildings, data centers, and industrial facilities. They are designed to control the temperature of water and other fluids used in cooling processes.

3. Cooling Towers: Cooling towers are used to cool water that is used in industrial processes such as manufacturing, chemical production, and food processing. These towers use a water stream to facilitate the cooling process.

4. Heat Exchangers: Heat exchangers are used to transfer heat from one fluid to another. They are often used in refrigeration systems, air conditioning systems, and in the chemical processing industry.

5. Refrigeration Systems: Refrigeration systems use refrigerant to absorb heat from the surroundings and expel it somewhere else. These systems are commonly used in commercial and industrial applications for food storage, chemical processing, and other temperature-sensitive operations.

6. Evaporative Cooling Systems: Evaporative cooling systems use water to cool air in a process that relies on the natural evaporation process. These systems are commonly used in dry climates and can be found in homes, data centers, and factories.

7. Fans: Fans are commonly used in air conditioning systems to circulate cool air throughout a room or space. They can also be used in industrial applications to facilitate heat transfer and cooling.

In most cooling applications, a combination of different cooling equipment is used to achieve the desired cooling efficiency.