Pharmaceutical engineering unit. 1 b. Pharm sem3

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Handwritten notes of unit 1 of pharmaceutical engineering. 

Subject in b. Pharm 3 rd semester

Handwritten notes

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Flow of fluids: Types of manometers, Reynolds number and its significance, Bernoulli’s theorem and its applications. Energy losses, Orifice meter, Venturimeter, Pitot tube and Rotometer.


Size Reduction: Objectives, Mechanisms & Laws governing size reduction, factors affecting size reduction, principles, construction, working, uses, merits and demerits of Hammer mill, ball mill, fluid energy mill, Edge runner mill & end runner mill.


Size Separation: Objectives, applications & mechanism of size separation, official standards of powders, sieves, size separation Principles, construction, working, uses, merits and demerits of Sieve shaker. cyclone separator, Air separator, Bag filter & elutriation tank.