Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence IMP Questions

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Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence IMP Questions
Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence Sem:- 4
1). Give statement of i) Schedule F ii) Schedule G iii) Schedule U iv) Schedule J
v) Schedule H as per Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940.
2). Write the constitution and functions of DTAB and CDL.
3). Define Registered Pharmacist. Discuss the procedure for subsequent registration.
4). Write the constitution and functions of PCI.
5). Write a short note on definitions, objective and prohibited advertisements of drugs and magic remedies act.
6). Write a note on central drug laboratory.
7). Write a short note on Right to Information Act.
8). Write in details of IPR.
9). Write a short note on loan license and repacking license.
10). What are offences and penalties in prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act-1960?
11). Write a short note on powers and duties of drugs Inspectors.
12). Explain the conditions for the issue of licence to manufacture schedule C, C1 and X drugs. Explain its provision in manufacture of drugs.
13). Write a detailed note on licensing procedure for the preparations containing alcohol and narcotics.
14). How the retail price of formulation is calculated?
15). Give the types of patterns.
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16). write details notes on Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act.
17). write a short note on cultivation, production, sale, export, Offences and Penalties for opium.
18). Give the detail note on hathi and mudalier committee.
19). Explain Labeling and packaging of Drugs.
20). Write a note on Schedule M and Schedule N. and Explain import of Drug.
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