Pharmacognosy 2 5th sem B pharmacy Important questions and answers Anil pawar

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Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence important questions 


“Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence” covers legal aspects related to pharmacy and pharmaceuticals. Some important topics and questions may include:


Laws and Regulations: Understanding the laws governing pharmaceuticals, such as the Drugs and Cosmetics Act, Pharmacy Act, Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act.

Drug Control: Questions on drug classification, licensing, manufacturing, and distribution.

Intellectual Property: How patents, trademarks, and copyrights apply to pharmaceutical products.

Ethical and Legal Issues: Examining dilemmas like informed consent, liability, malpractice, and professional ethics in pharmacy practice.

Consumer Protection: Understanding laws related to the safety and labeling of pharmaceutical products.

Specific questions might revolve around these areas, such as the legal requirements for drug manufacturing, responsibilities of pharmacists in dispensing medications, or legal implications of generic drug substitution. Always refer to your course materials and recommended textbooks for a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter.






Pharmacognosy important questions 



Pharmacognosy focuses on the study of natural products from plants, microbes, and animals for their medicinal, nutritional, and cosmetic properties. Here are some important questions:


Plant Constituents: What are the primary and secondary metabolites found in plants, and how do they contribute to medicinal properties?

Extraction Techniques: Explain different methods used to extract bioactive compounds from natural sources.

Identification and Authentication: How are botanicals identified, authenticated, and evaluated for their quality and purity?

Pharmacological Actions: Discuss the pharmacological actions of key plant constituents, such as alkaloids, flavonoids, and terpenoids.

Herbal Medicines: What are the regulations and quality control measures for herbal medicines in different countries?

Additionally, questions might delve into topics like the importance of ethnopharmacology, the role of natural products in drug discovery, or the use of herbal remedies in traditional medicine. Understanding these aspects can provide a solid foundation in pharmacognosy.