Pharmacology: – 1 IMP Questions for pharmacy

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Pharmacology: – 1 IMP Questions
1). Enlist different types of receptors and discuss G protein coupled receptors in detail.
2). Define Drugs. Discuss sources of Drugs.
3). Enlist the factors affecting drug absorption. Explain how lipid solubility and ionization of drug affects its absorption.
4). Classify Parasympathomimetic agents and write a note on organophosphate poisoning.
5). Classify General Anaesthetics. Discuss the stages of general anaesthesia with suitable diagram.
6). Classify anti-parkinsonian drugs. Describe pharmacology of levodopa combination with carbidopa.
7). Discuss the rationale for the use of ethyl alcohol in methyl alcohol poisoning.
8). Write down various phases of clinical trials. (Phase 1, Phase 2)
9). Write about various Oral route and parenteral routes of administration.
10). Classify sympathomimetics. Write therapeutic uses of Sympathomimetics. Describe Dale’s vasomotor reversal in detail.
11). Write a note on Pharmacovigilance.
12). Explain signal transduction mechanism of GPCR.
13). Write on role of GABA as a neurotransmitter in CNS.
14). Explain the pharmacology of β- Blockers in detail.
15). Classify drug interactions and discuss pharmacokinetic drug interactions with suitable examples.
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16). Classify Skeletal muscle relaxants. Explain mechanism of action and pharmacology of d- tubocurarine.
17). Describe the different stages of anesthesia.
18). What is Epilepsy? Discuss classification of Anti-epileptic drugs.
19). Discuss pharmacological actions and therapeutic uses of morphine.
20). Classify antiepileptic drugs and write MOA and adverse effect of Phenytoin.
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