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Gluality Conbval
QpDAtion- What 0n ?
0t is the munsuwtmct od

s dhe mold dogL to uhtha
Sotii prou

Dumy Syustbnatic pmocus wd to ensuwa quality n

C) Hetocos o. identilying dehris
d) Jt is a Casonlc tive doal
Ansoen ‘-[b) Any Sustomatie oCAu utol do the

enswuq unlity ún proc

Qution-2 What does OA and. 9c Stond ose7
a) unlity Wssuwoncd ond. &uuluing Contbiol
6) Sunlity Adjushnbt Dndl Gunlity ‘Cmplcticn
(c) &uality icseemce onol Cunlity Cconbral

d Qunlity Myjustnort and Outiing cobral

Arbtwe ) Sunlity auwmcd md 9uality Conbval
QLstion-3 Whith of dthe fallbaing option is rt

Cosoucd ougordig 0A oncl. G.C 2

(a) Pooce copabilitis Chould be monitosad. on the
untbomittitnt bauis

b) 100swuy equipmibt must iove a alibotion al


(C)Nocmmaly mony inspections od donl duwebrg the

proCO monulactvung.
(d) CA dobendl Cn he activities of dthe entie Compom

Ansuwex (a) ProcL copahilitits should be monitvel
on intusmittod basis

Oustion-4 Which he alloaio is an dhe

exompli of 0A ?
(a) Veuilimtion
(b) Sohtwaue testing

(c) Validation
(l) Documintation

Ansoex:-(0) Ve>iication
Quwstion-5 What is the fivat step of 6h?

(a) Pevelopmot eh Standards

Cb) Jdentipication ef Custome neLcl

(c) Setvicing
Cd) Matuol Comtsal

Arsoen-(b) Jdentilioaticm oh Cuitoney nuLd


nood Jabosatooy Rroctics
Quution-1 Stility dt mwst be Conduc.ttd und

Comdition’s, dypinly in a damhon hlou
modull, plac1d tin clo 10o

(o) Gradh. A
(b) Cwode C

(c)G oiode.
(d) Gorade3 
AnauoexGrode A
Oustion-2 Sops stould be toniten in a onde

diting dilpont Step n dhi acCom-

plihmbnt on activity
Co) Sequcrtial
(b) Ascencmg
c) Choonokgical


Ans oex:- ©)ChCnalcgical

AULLALicn-3 Pocumont must be pMomptly
OUt othbroise Umoyer!

auricl gamst uninttdol
(a) Suporsidiel


b) oldl
(c) Worong
d) Snoctive
Ankoen- (a) Supeudu
Qwxtion-4 Raw data should. be econdod on dh

duty Contsalltd
(a) Rough book
b) Rough Shocts

(c) Leg book

(d) Roo dato. shanth

Ansoex Ca) Rouw data Shatts

Oution- 5 Al tut mol maasuwig equijpnent ond

likaly do infhuencz. he dt eesut oh
oiucty omd mut be subject do

(a) Mantonamce

(b) Calibration

(c) Cunlijicatin
(d) valielaticm

Anyuex (b) cal’tration


Calibration nd validation

Cuustion-1 Complaint about s on indicntos e
hu product.

(a) Sualihy
(b) Elicacy
(c) Sauty
(d) None. c these

Answex- (a) Suuality

Sution-2 A should. be anihle. pising ull dail
about how do handli pProauct’Complointi

Ca) SoP
b) Repoot

(d) Nene ch thest

Aryuoex (0) SoP

Ouuntion-3 Company moy oecuive eutwnod goods
(a) Potoductim mit
Cb) hlarehoust

(d Both A and. 3
(d) lond othesL

Anhoek-(b) nlwawww.hDuolo wMiex.c om

Oustion-4 Aistibution eacovd Sholl Contain dhe
octhe product

(a) Naml
Cb) Stbungth
(c) Both a and b
(d) lone o hesc

Ansuoe- Bcih a ond b

QuLstion-5 n all. SrduttyS0P will Slmain

Ca) Contot

(b) Ctsuctoe
(c) Ccncept

Cd) Al o dhe above

Ansoex (d) AL o dhd above


LAtÍon-1 Ecbnsion dooe DSS in Do is

(a) ecision Supposet systtm
Cb) Decistom Singlu suat

(c) Path stasahle systim
d) Doha Suþpood Systn

Arstoex a) Decisicn Supposdt systm

Sunstion-2 ha dato is stovod., Iatsioved. and.

updatec in.

(o) OLAP
(b) OLTP
(c) SMTP
(d) FTp

SHnAex (6) OLTP

Quntion-3 he engine dor a dat wadhouss Suppoats
quy-tbuogrdd usage of dhka

(a) NNTP

(b) SMTP


(d) PoP

Answer () OLAP

Suution- 4- NLP stands yot

(a) Non Lmguogt PstocBS

(b) Natwl Level Hocayam

(c) Natwal Langu0aL page

(d) WatwIal Longuogt Kocosm

Hnso ex -Natwal Languoge psocuing (a)

wstion-5 Pota waahouse is

(a) Can be updotid by end usu.

b) Contains mumbrous naming Conventions and yomats

(c) Crvgmistcl avound hmpodovt Subjects avns

Cd) Contains only CWJdnt data

Hnguoek-(c) Cgamiscd aoumcd tmposdant subject


OCumunt maintnance dn phatmacuutical the

Qwstion- What ae 80otl’8 Jou Cxitoria. o

aDbng dho. quality of abumods ?

a) Cudibility, oalohility , awacy, mUonag
(b) Compsuhonsivenos, awIacy, valul, Suoout

(c) viuthinticty , Csudibility, sehrdsotatiets,m mnng

(d) Objectivity, Suhjectivity , outhentic ity, valus

Hnaoee (C)Authcotic.ty , Coudihility, uprastudnthie
701 mlommg

Cupstion-2 Why is t ncumay do Cmidbt dhe
Outhunticdy o pesoal documtrats ? selct

Qll dhot opy9
(a) Becouxe thy hove been Seen by other peopl
Cb) Becouae thai mipht have betn ­host tooittn 07 heavly

editid by orthe outhosus
Cc) Because Che might mbt eeluct tht tsue felings, of

the tositd
(d)B ecouSO docLmort Con neves be dustol.

Ansuoex-)Beonuse thuy mipht not valuct tha
tbut huLlings of hi tasito.


Ouution-3 Why miplit a colliction of h
pesaonal dttoe from dhe ninttuodh

Century be doto in oupocondotivenu 7
a)Becouse it would be dilhicult do ceod ald- yaniona

Styule o ondiriting
Cb) BecousL it con be hadl yost Q modusn doly ousiatchl

do umdustond Such matoial

(c)Becnusl they mipht hove been daspetid by om unseu-

putous dnlek

Cc) Pecmuil at tht dime litbrcy t0s manly Lmitd to

middlle clay mals

AnsweX-d) Becoust at the dint litorcy toas he

maunly limitid to middle clds mally

Guuntion-4 Why might Social sOnsohesus do be
inturtid un analyui photognophs O

ahbsm ovisual dotn ?
(a) lo ind out mau obout hashen, ovcdihoct ancl

evexydoy iht uin a þaxticulat Sociol seiting

Cb) o Study thl wy phottgmaphs postrdho idtalstd
dusickjons o honilyL ifo

c)To hel them su tuhat ras ot beon þhotcoa/phud
Ond why

d) AU o Me obove
Ansox AL dwwwh.DueloM aibx.coovme

Suwstion-5 Which odhe olouning is not

an exomhls oOn clliciald ocumdrd7

(a) &lposde o a public tinguiy thnto a d JOSTU
Cb) W PhD studods’s calluction irdtruies dramso

C) LoCumodation yom Q phamocditical company obo

(d) A leaked momo Om one number oh parliomott

to anothl

AnAwex (b) A PHD stdnts ecliction oh
nteniew ttsmscvipi



on-1 Which o ollobng9 Con be

Studio as a doCumuutaty Sounc

Hom the mas mudia

(O) he minuths c a paxish coumcil moLtong9

(6) Pevsonal Juttx betwen a moth and hol  thei

asticles about a baticudtv isud as


(d) he Stal netas te oducttd by a privatl

AADOX () Newsabex dicls obout a porticular

L Ot event

Suwstion-2 wWhy Con it be dilicult do estahlish
dhe outhertiecry of Visdhual data?

(a) becouL we do 1ot nou uho wrUtt the maoinl
Cn a web Site

Cb)BecauseL viodual dott avl not as g00dl as achnl

Cc) Demusl it moy 0guise Specialist nsido ol

d) Qecous it ds uxall pentnl in he do
viSual umtgls

AnAwex -(a)b ecou. Oe do 70t knoc chn

Wvate he
www.DuloMmix.caomtiol on a web site.

MLLion-3 Wh it mposdnt do gudy
dhe. way audliorct ‘vaod cultual

(a) To damonstvatt how audinees paowively accop

whottvest thy u ald
(6) Becaust dhubd intipithdiom of itm oly diyr

wrom dhot ntondd by the outhosu

C)Becaune Socialogitts axd titmmmg out of neto thrngs

to tlaslasch
(d) Becous0 thou ú a dot of fumding avcuiohlu

yos ccus gHOup Sudios

Hnbtoex-(6) Becoul thiiy ivrtopottation a it

mOy dio fyom uthat nttmdicl by thl

uLtion-4: How does qualitotive Condnt ha

Onalysi om quonthtive odort
0maltyuis 9

(a) t s aluays odC Idto. by thnogrophic odaslarch.
(b) 94 dnvabe counti9 the mmbëst of Count dmt Crtom

word, oppea n a xt
(c) St Jo vigid, t Snsnvehev OQ Consfonly of

o@vising heis Concehts
(d is Jo ikely do be. und by jonnit dunschdye

Answex C) U, sugid, 0tt ouDsIaschot One al
owwows.Din u9lo Mix.cVoumtheibt concqhtg

Ouertiom- 5 What is emiotic?
(a)he studly ofSemi- detochscd housds

(b) Wall boêid. attonpt at Social draasiorch

(c)he. metod o Senmi stnuctvtd unirvieumg
(d) he science e Sons

Hnswex (d) he science e Sigrs