b.architechture (sem1) (all subjects) summer 2021 GTU paper pdf

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S ubject Code:2X15002 Date:16/09/2021

S ubject Name:T.R.D.-I
T ime:10:30 AM TO 1:30 PM Total Marks:40
I nstructions:
1. Attempt all questions.

2. Make suitable assumptions wherever necessary.
3. Figures to the right indicate full marks.
4. Simple and non-programmable scientific calculators are allowed.

Q.1 Draw the projection of a triangular pyramid, base on the H.P. and an edge (10)

of the base inclined at 45⁰ to the V.P.; a side of the base 40 mm and the
apex 40 mm in front of the V.P.

Q.1 A triangular prism, base 50 mm side and height 60 mm is resting on the (10)

H.P. on one of its rectangular faces with the axis parallel to the V.P. Draw
its projections.

Q.2 A square ABCD of 40 mm side has a corner on the H.P. and 20 mm in (10)

front of the V.P. All the sides of the square are equally inclined to H.P. and
parallel to the V.P. Draw its projections and show its traces.

Q.2 A regular pentagon of 30 mm sides is resting on H.P. on one of its sides (10)

with its surface 45⁰ inclined to H.P. Draw it’s projections when the side in
H.P. makes 30⁰ angle with V.P.

Q.3 Solve the followings: (10)
(a) Draw the projections of a 55 mm long straight line parallel to both the H.P.

and the V.P. and 20 mm from each.

(b) A point is in a first quadrant. Its shortest distance from the intersection

point of H.P., V.P. and Auxiliary vertical plane, perpendicular to the H.P.
and V.P. is 70 mm and it is equidistant from H.P. and V.P. Draw the
projections of the point and determine its distance from H.P and V.P.

Q.4 Enlist the methods of projections and explain any one. (10)
Q.4 Explain Reference planes and Reference line in orthographic projections. (10)