Human anatomy and physiology sem 1 MCQ pdf

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Multiple Choice Type Questions
Tick mark the appropriate word

1,T he word cell was
rt first

(a) Robe Hook (6) introduced
Robert by

Brown 8. DNA is
( Fleming mainly

 Robert Koch (a) Ribosome present in

2. The nucleus was first b) Nucleus
(a) Robert Brown recognised (

by : (c) Plasma membrane
(b) Robert Koch (d) None of the above
(c) A. Fleming 9. The
(d) Robert Hook interval between each cell division

is called:
3. The plasma membrane is (a) Metaphase ase

posed of mainly (b) Anaph
com- (c) Interphase (d) Telophase

(a) Protein (b) Lipid 10.T he kidney tubule contain:
(c) Phospholipids (d) Cellulose (a) Cuboidal epithelium

4. The ribosomes are present on the (b) Ciliated epithelium
of surface c) Stratified epithelium
(a) Cell membrane (d) None of the above
(b) Endoplasmic recticulum 11.T he uterine tube is lined with:
(c) Golgi apparatus (a) Squamous epithelium
(d) None of the above (b) Cubical epithelium

(c) Columnar epithelium
5. Smooth surface endoplasmic reticulum is (d) Ciliated epithelium

associated with
(a) Protein synthesis 12. Skin contain:
(b) Amino acid synthesis (a) Non-keratinised stratified epithelium
(c) Steroidal hormones synthesis (b) Keratinised stratified epithelium
(d) None of the above (c) Transitional epithelium

(d) None of the above
6. Golgi apparatus is concerned with : 13. Which one of these is a connective tissue?

(a) Detoxification mechanism (a) Blood
(b) Secretions (b) Sarcomere
(c) Synthesis of hormones (c) Keratinised cell
(d) None of the above (d) None of the above

7. Protein is synthesised by : 14. Mast cell are responsible for release of:
(a) Serotinin

(a) Ribosome
(b) Keratin

(b) Gogli Complex (c) Fatty acid
(c) Endoplasmic reticulam

(d) None of the above
(d) Lysosomes

[ 213 1

214 se cel is non-
e of the

25, Which on -nnuucclle.a ted
lood cell

ity ana
(a) Red b

15. The tissue responsible for elastic
(b) Basophils

tensile strength is:
 (c) Lymphocytes

(a) Adipose tissue (b) Arcolar tissue

 (d) Leucocyte
(c) Fibrous tissuc (d) Epithelium

ormal erythrocyte count

16. Myoglobin is present in : 26. The n
(a) 3.5 million/mm

(a) Blood (b) 5.5 million/mm3

(b) Striated muscle fibre
(c) 6.5 million/mm

(c) Epithelum
(d) 7.5 million/mm

(d) Bone
value in male i

Haemoglobin is:
17. Non-striated muscle tissue is

27. Normal ) 13 g/d
(a) Under the control of will (b

(a) 12 g/dl (d) 17 g/dl
(b) Not under the control of will (c) 15 g/dl
(C) None of the above in

28. Erythrocytes are formed
18. Rhythmicity is a property of: marrow

(a) Red bone

(a) Cardiac muscle (b) Liver
(b) Nervous tissue (c) Spleen
(c) Voluntary muscle the above

(d) None of
(d) Globular cell

of erythrocytes is about

19. Aron and dendrites are part of: 29. The life span
(b) 120 days

(a) 60 days
(a) Cardiac muscle

(c) 90 days (d) 100 days
(b) Visceral muscle

ese group is a universal
(b) Neuron 30. Which one of th

(d) Brain donor ?
with: (a) A (b) B

20. The lymphatic tissue are concerned

(c) AB (d) O
(a) Pancreas (b) Spleen

(c) Brain (d) Thyroid 31. Which one of these group is a u

scle recipient ?
21. The visceral mu is present in:

(a) Respiratory ract (a) AB (a) A

(b) Heart (c) B (d) O

(c) Bones 32. The average total nunber of white blood

(d) None of the above
cell is:

volume of the blood in (a) 5000 per cu mm
22. The average

human body is : (b) 6000-8000 per cu mm

(a) 5.5 liters (b) 4 liters (c) 10,000 per cu mm

(d) 6 litcrs
(c) 10 liters (d) 4000 per cu mm


35, The average number of platelet
mm of blood is : per cubic 44. Purkinje fibres is present in:
(a) 2,00,000 (a) Kidnecy (b) Heart
(b) 5,00,000 (c) Splecn (d) None of the above
(c) 2,50,OX0 to 4,50,000 45. The
(d) None of the above only artery which contain

deoxygenated blood is:
36. Polycythaemia is (a) Pulmonary artery

(a) Increased number of R.B.C. (b) Inferior venale cavac
(b) Increased size of R.B.C. (c) Coronary artery
(c) Increased ESR (d) None of the above
(d) None of the above

46. Which one of these act as a pacemaker
37. Megaloblastic (macrocytic) in normal routine ?

occurs due to : (a) AV node

(a) Deficiency of iron (b) Bundle of His
(b) Reduced erythropoiesis (c) Purkinje fibre
(c) Deficiency of vitamin (d) S.A. node

B12 and/or folic
acid 47. The word Lub dub is related to :

(d) None of the above (a) Cardiac cycle

38. (b) Cardiac outlet
Thrombocytopenia occurs due to : (c) Heart sound
(a) Decreased W.B.C. count (d) None of the above
(b) Decreased R.B.C. count
(c) Decreased platelet count 48. Electrocardiogram gives the information
(d) None of the above about

(a) Cardiac output
39. The clotting of blood is due to: (b) State of myocardium

(a) Blood platelet (c) Cardiac cycle
(b) R.B.C. (d) None of the àbove
(c) W.B.C.
(d) Neutrophills 49. The amount of blood expelled during

each contraction is the:
40. The leucocytes are produced in : (a) Cardiac output

(a) Spleen (b) Lymph gland (b) Stroke volume
(c) Liver (d) Bone marrow (c) Residual volume

(d) None of the above
41. Human heart is

(a) 4 Chambered (b) 3 Chambered 50. Baroreceptor is concerned with:
(c) 2 Chambered (d) None of the above (a) Control of blood pressure

(b) Control of heart rate
42. The blood is propelled to lungs for oxygen (c) Control of venous return

through (d) None of the above
(a) Left ventricle (b) Right ventricle
(c) Left atrium (d) None of the above 51. Blood is supplied to the heart through:

(a) Carotid artery
43. The cardiac cycle time is : (b) Coronary artery

(a) 0.8 sec (b) 10 sec (c) Sublingual artery
c) I minute (d) 1.50 sec (d) Pulmonary vein

ent in

62. Parotids glands are pres
healthy (b) Mouth

(a) Stomach
52. The normal blood pressure of

(d) Intestine
person is: (c) Pharynx
(a) 150/70 mm of Hg H Jor salivery

63. The optimum p ase
(b) 120/90 mm of Hg
(c) 140/80 mm of Hg action is:

(b) 4.5
(d) 100/80 mm of Hg (a) 7.4

(d) 3.5
(c) 6.8

53. Right side of the heart contain

(a) Pure blood (b) Impure blood with
64. Which part of pharynx iS ass

() Lymph (d) None of the above digestion ?

54. Endocardium is layer of 1 (a) Nasopharynx (b) Laryngopharynx
(d) All of the above

(a) Kidney (b) Lungs (c) Oropharynx
(c) Heart (d) Stomach psin is :

65. The optimum pH for pe
55. The systolic pressure is the:  4.5

(a) 1.5 to 3.5 (b) 2.5 to

(a) Maximum pressure (c) 4 to 5.5 (d) 5 to 7

(b) Lowest pressure
(c) None of the above ericus is related to :

66. Succus ent

(a) Pancreatic juice
56. Which one of the following is not a

ymphatic gland ? (b) Intestinal juice

(a) Pancreas (b) Spleen (c) Enzymes present in stomach

(c) Tonsils (d) None of the above
(d) Thymus

57. The Reseve pack maker is : 67. The Intestinal juice contain enzymes:

(a) AV node (b) SA node (a) Trypsin (b) Chymotrypsin

(c) Bundle of His (d) Purkinje fibre (c) Enterokinase (d) Peptidase
68. Sodium taurocholate helps in the diges

58. The peritoneum is a

(a) Outer covering of alimentary tract in tion of :
abdomen (a) Peptide (b) Disaccharide

(b) Outer covering of thorax (c) Fats (d) Polysaccharide
(c) Inner covering of rectum

69. Colon is related to :
(d) None of the above

(a) Large intestine (b) Duodenum

59. The teeth are embedded in the alveoli (c) Lbumn (d) Jejunum
of: 70. Which one of these glands has both
(a) Mandible and maxilla

endocrine and exocrine function ?
(b) Mandible

(a) Liver (b) Pancreas
(c) Maxilla

ve (c) Parotid gland (d) Thyroid gland
(d) None of the abo

71. Which one of these glands is associateu
60. The number of temporary teeth in human

with deanination of amino acid
beings :

(b) 20 (a) Liver (b) Gall bladder
(a) 26

(d) 22 (c) Pancreas (d) Duodenum
(c) 18

 72. Bile is formed in:
61. Prenolar teeth is used for :

(a) Incising (b) Caning (a) Liver (b) Gall bladder

(c) Grinding (d) All of the above (c) Pancreas (d) Duodenum


13.L iver is a storage site for 83. The total lungs capacity is about
(a) Glycogen b) Starch (a) 500 ml h) 10) ml
(c) Glucose (d) Lactose (c) 200 ml (d None of the above

74, The proteolytic enzymes of pancreatic 84. The accumulation of carbon dioxide gas
juicei s in lungs is called
(a) Trypsin (b) Peptidase (a) Anoxia (b) Asphy x1a
(c) Pepsin (d) All of the above (c) Anorrexia (d) None of the ahove

5. Which one of these produce antibodies? 85. Diphtheria is infection of
(a) Pharyngeal tonsils (a) Larynx (b) Bronchi
(b) Larynophaynx (c) Pharynx (d) Trachea
(c) Orophaynx

(d) Larynx Changes in partial pressure of O2 and

CO2 gas in the blood is responded by :

76. C’ shaped hyaline cartilages are present (a) Baroreceptor (b) Chemoreceptor
(c) -receptor (d) None of the above

(a) Larynx (b) Trachea 87. Which is the main organ of urinary
(c) Pharynx (d) None of the above

71. The right and left lungs are divided into: (a) Kidney (b) Urcter

a) 3lobes and 2 lobes respectively (c) Urinary bladder(d) Urethra
(b) 2 lobes and 3 lobes respectively 88. Real blood vessels enter in the kidney
(c) 3 lobes each

through :
(d) None of the above