B.A (sem2) (all subjects) summer 2022 GTU paper pdf

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S ubject Code:2X25002 Date:26-07-2022

S ubject Name:T.R.D.-II
T ime:10:30 AM TO 01:30 PM Total Marks:40
I nstructions:
1. Attempt all questions.

2. Make suitable assumptions wherever necessary.
3. Figures to the right indicate full marks.
4. Simple and non-programmable scientific calculators are allowed.

Q.1 Draw Plan, elevation and side elevation of the steps with step guard on one 10

side (left hand side) show shadows of them on ground, on wall and also on
steps (the ground is H.P. and plinth wall is V.P.)

 The total width of steps, excluding step guard s 250 cm
 the height of step guard and plinth level is 140 cm
 Riser is 20 cm and tread is 30 cm
 Use scale 1:20

Q .2 Attempt Any One out of three 1 0
a) A cylinder 6.5 cm diameter and 9 cm long, has its axis parallel to the

horizontal plane and inclined at 30 to the vertical plane. It is cut by a
vertical plane from its centre of the axis. Draw sectional front view and
sectional side view. Draw surface development of the final object.

b) A cube of 5 cm long edges is resting on the H.P. with a vertical face
inclined at 30 to the V.P. It is cut by a section plane, perpendicular to
theV.P. inclined at 30 to the H.P. and passing through a point on the axis,
3.5cm above the H.P. Draw the sectional top view, sectional side view
and true shape of section.

c) A Pentagonal prism, side of base 5 cm and length 10 cm has a rectangular
face on the horizontal plane and the axis parallel to vertical plane. It is cut
by a vertical sectional plane and makes an angle of 30 with horizontal
plane. Draw sectional front view, top view and true shape of section.

Q.3 Draw Orthographic projections and Sciography for following objects with light at 45° 10

 Plane of 50X70 sqmm on VP, 60mm above HP
 Vertical line of 50 mm on HP, 30 mm away from VP
 Horizontal line of 50 mm on stuck on VP, 60 mm above HP
 Cube of 30mm each side on HP, 50 mm away from VP

Q.4 Draw the development of the lower portion of a cylinder of diameter 45 mm and 10
axis 70mm when sectioned by a plane inclined at 40° to HP and perpendicular to
VP and bisecting the axis.