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SUBJECT NAME: Practical Training

4th Year

Semester: VII
The student must have completed semesters 1 to 6 in B. Arch course, with no backlog in Design Studio sem 6 and no
backlog in Building Construction & Structure subjects till sem 5. 

To help students gain practical training in the chosen field. To integrate the theoretical knowledge into practical
To get placement for students after identifying their areas of interest those complement the curriculum / syllabi. To
become aware of current issues in the field of Architecture. To give opportunity to students to work independently
though under supervision. To raise the confidence level of the student.

Teaching and Assessment Scheme:
Teaching Scheme Credits Examination Marks Total Universit

Field Lectures Studio C External exam Internal exam Marks y Exam
work (ESE)Theory (ESE) (PA)Theor (PA)Viva Type

Viva y
NA NA NA 30 NA NA NA 100 100 NA

1. The student has to identify on his/her own the Office from where he/she wants to avail the practical

training and the same has to be approved by the respective institute in advance; it should be noted that
the chief Architect of the firm has to be a registered architect with the Council of Architecture or
Equivalent (Validity of the registration for the entire tenure of training has to be proved) and having
minimum experience of Five years after the registration with the council of Architecture.

2.  The students has to submit to the institute a letter of acceptance by the office in original on the
letterhead of the office along with the copy of the council registration certificate of the chief architect
before joining the training

3.  The student has to undergo the training for a minimum period of 16 weeks with the same firm  for
which  prior approval  is  taken.  if  the student/  office wishes  to  discontinue, permission from the
institute needs to be taken for the same.

4.   The student has to submit a Midterm report and a Final report of the stating the daily schedule of
the practical training period to the Institute.

5.   The student is to be evaluated by institute in the form of viva at the end of the semester, student has
to produce a report of the work done along with the copy of the drawings, photographs etc. along with

W.E.F. AY 2020-21Page 2

the certificate in original issued by the Principal architect.
6.  The marks of the practical training will not be considered in calculating the final grade of the degree

and the transcript.

List of Projects/Assignments*:
End semester report should contain all the work done by the student in the Architect’s firm, should contain detailed
drawings, working drawings, field work photographs, etc. The report should also contain a certificate duly signed by the
Principal Architect of the firm, stating that the student has completed the prescribed 16 weeks of training. And along
with the report and the certificate, the student should also produce a log book of his / her daily schedule during the 16
weeks time.

W.E.F. AY 2020-21Page 2